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Easy and healthy Yoga poses for seniors

Age, they say, is just a number. But that couldn’t be the case for the body. You can sense its influence clearly, more so since the 60s. You are welcome to have anxieties, discomfort, weakness, and if you are not patient enough, then they will make you boring. And try the following simple asanas of Yoga that fit well for older people before you get too late and bedridden.


  • Sphinx


Good for power in the upper back and for resisting weakness in the forward head. I’m fond of having my elderly stretch to keep their hearts open and solid on the edges.

Sphinx is genetically gentle and is good at chest opening and rear deltoid working.

Lie on your belly and put your forearms under your shoulders, your elbows on your shoulders. Press the arms firmly and draw your shoulder blades together and back down. Lift your abdominals in and out, and stay for 5 to 8 breaths.


  • Cobbler’s Pose


This is an excellent way to keep your hips open and massage feet. When you open your knees to the sides, sit upright and hold the heels of your feet together.

Fold forward for a long stretch but try to avoid too much rounding in the lower back. Hold 5 to 8 breaths.


  • Savasana


For final relaxation, finish by lying on the back. Seniors need their rest just as much as anyone else does, so letting go more often during the day is good for them.

Savasana stimulates the nervous system and allows the body and mind rehabilitation.

Lie down and allow the floor to support you. Relax the muscles completely and relax as you lie down and make a deep and restorative break.

Whether you’re getting on in life or not, all of these Yoga poses for seniors are useful to use the bones, muscles, joints, and organs for better body coordination, strength, and longevity.

Also, the breath is key to maintaining a youthful outlook and reducing the tension. Deep breaths are filling the body with oxygen and strength of life, helping us to stay young in hands, mind, body and mind.

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