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What are The Best Spiritual Activities for seniors?

As an older Person, you can do all kinds of things to suit the spiritual heart better. So you can create new ideas that refresh your values so lend you interior energy for the remainder of your human life by undertaking things that promote a stronger sense of identity, dignity, value and intent.

Each faith provides sacred rituals that get you closer to the universal meaning. These include activities such as worship, meditation, fasting, rituals, special occasions and many other traditions. Nevertheless, in order to animate your faith you don’t have to observe specific religious traditions. Everything you do, which gives you a sense of greater interaction with the universe may be viewed as a divine experience or making you feel alive. Consider activities, for example:

  • Volunteering— Providing time and energy towards a dignified cause will produce many powerful feelings which are rooted in your spiritual heart.
  • Spending time with nature— The planet is packed with natural wonders— large and small — that will motivate you to lead an exciting life. Activities may be as easy as watched the moon at night, under a great tree, planted flowers, walked in a field, listened to sea waves or observed or played with animals.
  • Meditating— In a poll of American seniors over 65 years old in 2014, about 53 percent of them said they were meditating at least once a week. 1 Meditation will improve your self-awareness, as well as your capacity to recognize facets of life that could be beyond your influence, among many other advantages.
  • Participating in prayer groups— Praying with others offers a perfect way to connect emotionally. Yet when you get to observe and be part of a larger faith movement it will also help you feel motivated and optimistic.
  • Yoga— Beyond its other physical benefits, yoga practice will help you reach a higher level of consciousness, because it requires close exposure to what is happening at the present moment.
  • Reading or writing— Words also have tremendous transforming ability. Once you read the reflections or the tales of great authors, new directions will be sought for your spiritual heart. So writing down your own words— as part of your personal reflection or storytelling— can encourage you to know more about yourself, your values, your role in the world, and what’s important to you.

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