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Does Spirituality Become More Important As You Age?

Spirituality is profoundly important for many people. It’s a personalized experience, though. There are no two men. All of us have different desires, beliefs, attitudes and experience of life. Many elderly people see ageing as an expedient, while others look for spiritual development as a way of finding money, purpose, inner strength or stability in life, focusing upon the past and contemplating what lies ahead.

A person’s desire to pursue his spirituality can be motivated by various factors. An older American, for example, could be drawn back to faith or religious conviction because of reasons such as:

  • Retirement— throughout our everyday lives, our position and the way we see ourselves also changes a lot in this life story. Although it is always an enjoyable and rewarding moment, it may often feel mysterious. This is particularly important for those who age or spend much of their time in raising or supporting their family.
  • Grieving—Many of our friends and families will potentially pass away when we grow older. It helps one to go through the appeal cycle more often than when we are younger. Faith or faith will give us additional comfort when we face the death of our friends and consider what it means for us.
  • Decreased independence— Another explanation that ageing and faith are closely linked is that during our later years all of us are physically deteriorated. Many aspects of daily life may need assistance that will allow one to feel ashamed or awkward. We may also be asking who we are if we don’t behave the way we are. Spirituality is able to help us cross the gap.
  • Increased time to reflect— Some of the benefits of becoming older is that every day we also take more time to focus on the complexities of life. We should test our successes and our losses as we continue to understand a coherent record, which binds them together. We might also continue to see more connections between our lives and the lives of people from the past or the future. In fact, one of the most important facets of aging spirituality is that our viewpoint, after extra contemplation, will shift unexpectedly profoundly and positively.

A growing awareness of one’s own mortality— A lot of people are scared of death. We don’t know whether the outcome will be or whether our spirit (or soul) wants to exist. Will we be stable in our consciousness? That is going to happen to our loved ones? Have we created a big legacy to build on? For whom are we going to be remembered? Spirituality or religion could allow us to put our mortality to rest.

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