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Benefits of good nutrition for seniors

A healthy meal represents a balanced meal. And in old age it is needed just as much as in any other period of a person’s life. The key to staying mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and energetic, with a strong immune system and a positive outlook can be eating well for senior citizens.

Good nutrition for seniors, as they grow older, is a topic that few talk about. But as we get older our metabolism slows down and those calories that were easy to burn when we were kids now seem to just hold on. This is why it is easier for older people to put on extra weight than when they were young, and it’s what makes it so much harder to take off those same pounds.

For many health reasons, good nutrition for seniors is important and being just a little overweight can have a destructive impact on seniors, to a greater extent than younger people. Getting overweight can make joints stronger and can make osteoporosis and arthritis more difficult, plus it will cause other diseases and muscle disorders. Often, being overweight can cause diabetes, which is very common among seniors.

Adults start losing weight at about 70 years of age, but sadly the weight they lose is due to a drop in muscle mass and bone density and not to fat loss. Living an active lifestyle and fitness by healthy eating will help preserve the visceral fat and its associated diseases.

When our diet grows older, so do the health benefits of good nutrition, much more than in our younger years, which can greatly improve our quality of life. The right amount and the correct nutrient composition are also available to help ensure the proper functioning of the immune system and prevent diseases.

Seniors who want to rid themselves of excess fat need to do so carefully with sufficient exercise and nutrition. A healthy weight loss of approximately 1-2 pounds is appropriate every week. Men over 50 are expected to use between 2000 and 2400 calories per day, depending on their level of physical activity and women above 50 will ideally use 1600 or 2000 calories each day based on their level of physical activity.

Good nutrition for older people is by far the best way to keep the energy balanced and strong. This way you will have the opportunity to enjoy your leisure time and fight infections and ill health.

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